We have been using our recommended foreign broker since 2009 and have continued using their service due to the excellent service that they provide. SGM-FX have helped hundreds of clients transfer money to the UK and income back to their own currency. Clients will be looked after by their own dedicated account manager, who will work tirelessly to ensure they understand your requirements and needs. Their independence affords them the ability to tailor their service to your business.

They charge a low fee of £10 and beat the bank rates; clients typically save 2% compared with their own bank’s Forex conversion rates.

For South Africans looking to secure the rand exchange rate, Intrepid Capital allows investors to lock in a future price agreed at the present. It means that regardless of the fluctuations of the rand, you will always be able to trade it for the dollar or pound at the rate you had previously agreed.

The company is a licensed member of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and specialise in currency hedging through regulated JSE listed products.

This service may be of interest to those looking to secure their savings in offshore investments as the rand exchange rate continues to weaken.

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