Rosewell Luxury Care Home Investment
FROM £85,000
  • New
  • 10%
    Net rental


  • 10% Net Yield Per Annum
  • 125% buy back in year 10
  • Set in affluent Somerset village
  • Area with high elderly population



The UK has a rising elderly population and the demand for care is set to increase by 150% over the next 4 years (OFT).


The UK’s care sector can provide higher than average returns when compared to more traditional asset classes.


A specialist advisor will be appointed to manage your unit to ensure that you receive “hands-free” returns.



Rosewell – Luxury Care Home Investment in Somerset

Rosewell is a luxury care home that sits on an elevated site in High Littleton, Somerset, enjoying picturesque views of the surrounding countryside. Mendip Hills, an “Area of Outstanding Beauty” and Rodney Stoke National Nature Reserve are close by for residents to explore. Situated 10 miles from both Bath and Bristol – two cities that are in desperate need for more care facilities – Rosewell aims to bridge the shortfall in adequate care homes.

Rosewell will undergo a refurbishment throughout 2017 and will reopen as a 52-bed luxury care community. This luxurious care home boasts a 24/7 concierge service, wi-fi throughout, an onsite chef and even a hair and beauty salon.

These luxurious extras are what sets Rosewell apart from its competition and attracts self-supported residents. With an excellent annual return, monthly payments and a market-leading luxury proposition, the leaseholds also offer a 110% buy-back guarantee in Year 5, or 125% buy-back in Year 10.

The Sustainability of the Luxury Care Home Investment

Care homes that accommodate self-funded residents in affluent areas in the South East and South West are performing well. 9% are reporting profit margins of 40% or more, and over a third are reporting margins of 30%. In short, care home investments are lucrative and increasing demand will only escalate that.

Between 2012 – 2032 the number of people requiring care home facilities is expected to increase by 60%, and local authorities are outsourcing care home services to private companies.

Somerset in particular is a largely rural county with a higher than average elderly population.  Between 2011 and 2021, the elderly population living within the county is expected to rise by 30%.

Rosewell Investment Fundamentals

  • Units Priced at £85,000
  • 10% Net Yield Per Annum
  • 110% Buy-back in Year 5, 125% in Year 10 Guaranteed
  • Hands-off Investment
Rosewell Luxury Care Home Investment
  • Set in affluent Somerset village
  • Area with high elderly population
  • 10% Net Yield Per Annum
  • 125% buy back in year 10
Rosewell Luxury Care Home Investment

Purchase Price


Purchase Price


10% Net Yield Per Annum


Monthly Payment


Year 5 Returns With 10% Buy Back


Property Location

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