Holiday Homes in Cornwall

Located in Cornwall – one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK

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Our guide explains the key benefits of investing in holiday homes, from their hands-off nature to the high yields that can be achieved

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Holiday homes in popular UK destination

  • Units priced from £199,950
  • 7% net income guaranteed for three years
  • Fully managed hands-off investment
  • 40% deposit against finance
  • Capital allowance as property is classified as a furnished holiday let
  • Holiday homes available for purchase are on the site of an already successfully trading resort and spa
  • Onsite amenities include a water park used for a multitude of watersports, a spa, swimming pool, arcade, shops and restaurants.
  • Mortgage finance at 4.25%
  • Return on cash invested projected between 10% and 15%

David Lowe

“My wife and I used One Touch Investments to create retirement income and their agent Stuart Cowie looked after us throughout. We never felt pressured and were afforded all the info and time we needed. We achieved our goal and more with Stuart’s help and can’ thank him enough. We would definitely recommend this company.”

Located in Cornwall – South West England

Britain experiencing an increase in staycations

Popularity of “Staycations” Soaring as Brexit Looms

The threat of a hard brexit has caused the pound to plummet relative to other currencies. The exchange rate is making the concept of a “staycation” more appealing.

After Brexit, holidaymakers looking to travel to EU countries will have to pay a £6 fee to buy the relevant documentation to gain access to countries within the EU. Coupled with the concern that once Britain leaves the EU, UK citizens will no longer have access to free healthcare has meant that holidaymakers are increasingly looking to spend some time within the island’s borders.

The resort is undergoing a £50m refurbishment to boost year-round occupancy levels. Currently, some of the main attractions in the resort are closed during the winter months, such as the water park. Adding in features that will be open year-round will make it a more attractive option in the colder months, improving occupancy levels.

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Tourism in Cornwall

The hotel investment opportunity is located in Cornwall, one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK for domestic and overseas travellers.

With a temperate climate, sandy beaches and rugged coastlines, Cornwall is the most popular place for British people to visit if they are holidaying within the UK. These positive fundamentals will lead to a good occupancy level of the holiday homes.

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Holiday Home Investments – The Benefits

Capital allowances are available on furnished holiday lets, which means that investors can further maximise their income, something which is unavailable for traditional buy to let properties. There is also mortgage interest tax relief that is applicable. This means that investors will virtually pay no tax for the first four years of the investment.

For example, someone who invests in a £225,000 furnished holiday let may claim £63,113 in capital allowance.

Other benefits include the unit being fully managed, which means investors will not have to worry about finding occupants and managing letting the holiday home.

Download our brochure to understand the full tax benefits of investing in a fully managed holiday home.

Graham Broadhead

“I have no complaints with One Touch Property, they have been a reliable and honest broker for the investments I have purchased through them, I am likely to use one touch property again as I trust them, which means everything to me.”

Full Report Contains

  • Capital allowance and tax information
  • £50m Renovation plans of resort
  • Cash flow illustration and tax savings
  • Information about the holiday let sector and occupancy levels
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