Property Sourcing

Sourcing UK property investments is a skill that we have learnt over the past 11 years. We do the property sourcing of a range of investments for you to choose from. We only source land for property developers and investments funds that we are retained by. We will not source an individual homes for people looking to move into.

Principles of good property sourcing

  • Find areas of supply shortage versus demand
  • Source undervalued properties
  • Choose properties close to amenities and transport links
  • Infrastructure changes and early stage regeneration
  • Where legislation can disrupt or secure position
  • Reliable developers with good quality builds

Our property sourcing approach

One Touch has had many years’ experience in sourcing property for investors in the UK. Our head of property sourcing for investors follows a top down approach of selecting cities that have the most favourable supply versus demand fundamentals. The reason for that is because the cities with the greatest demand and most limited supply will have the lowest vacancy rate and the have the greatest chance of increased rental growth. Discuss your property sourcing requirements.

Key drivers of demand

Job Prospects

London has continued to see increased demand because the jobs prospects are the best in the country and have also attracted a number of people from every corner globe, bringing a wealth of talent in search of better job prospects.

Development of class A office space with excellent leisure facilities have started to bring talent in Manchester and Sheffield. ALLIED LONDON are working on partnership with Manchester City Council to deliver a new area for enterprise, culture and living called St Johns. People want places to live, work and play.

Infrastructure changes

Some areas or regions of the United Kingdom have been out of commutable reach of the best jobs. Infrastructure changes such as HS2 & HS3, Crossrail and IT infrastructure improvements will have a positive influence house prices because they will connect people with employment opportunities. It will be important to work with One Touch investment property consultants to find out first which new property developments will capture this capital growth.

Early stage regeneration

Who has thought of buying an investment property in a certain area but didn’t because they thought it was too rough? Then regretted the decision because the area suddenly become desirable and the prices of those properties shot up. Islington, Clapham and Brixton were once areas for the working classes and considered rough. Now they are highly desirable and trendy with staggering property prices.

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Student Property Sourcing

Our property sourcing agents make use of the student property market reports that are complied by the large property consultancies such as Knight Frank, CBRE, and Savills as well as objective reports from the National Union of students and UCAS in order to obtain a balanced view of the market the student accommodation market.

When property sourcing, our property sourcing agents look for situations where changes in legislation could have a positive impact on the supply versus demand fundamentals such as in Nottingham, Leicester and Newcastle were the Article 4 Direction has been adopted. The Article 4 Direction essentially requires special planning permission for the conversion of single-family homes into accommodation of three of more unrelated occupants, thereby limiting supply. With demand growing, it presents a good opportunity for investors.

Our property sourcing agents choose student accommodation that is in close proximity to the most popular university as well as local amenities. Students tend to like to be close to the city centre as many of them have part time jobs and also like the convenience of a good location – this often has a positive impact on the price that they are willing to pay for rent.

We study the rental projections provided by the developer and compare them with equivalent properties currently available for rent on Rightmove Student Property portal as well as to see if the figures “stack up”. The purchase prices also have to be in line with comparable properties that we have previously sold in similar locations across the country.

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