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The introduction of HS2 and the multiple regeneration projects means Sheffield's population is expected to grow by 15% by 2035. For those considering Sheffield buy to let investments, this allows for good occupancy levels and capital growth as the increase puts pressure on Sheffield's property market.

Considering that Sheffield has over 50,000 students and a Russell Group University, there are several reason to continue invest in Sheffield student accommodation. You may be comforted to read that Universities in Sheffield are ahead of their predicted recruitment numbers

If you want to have an idea what it is like to live in the city, here are 5 interesting facts about Sheffield.

Consider investing in Sheffield property if you are looking for a good value investment that has the scope for capital growth.

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Universities in Sheffield Student Recruitment

Universities in Sheffield Still Ahead with Student Recruitment

Sheffield is one of the UK's most popular student cities, being both affordable adn home to two well-performing universities (The University of Sheffield is ranked within the UK's top 20). Fortunately for investors, there is still demand for student accommodation units, as universities use social media to boost the number of first year students in Sheffield.

Click the green arrow and read on to find out why there is still a need for student accommodation in Sheffield, and discover student property investment opportunities in the city =>

Sheffield has a student population of over 60,000; which equates to one in ten residents being students and 8,200 of those are international from countries outside the EU. Sheffield Hallam is the 7th largest university in the UK, with 31,484 students, and the University of Sheffield is home to just under 28,000 students. With these sorts of numbers, it is unsurprising that competition for accommodation is fierce and demand is high, as a room in university-owned halls is not always guaranteed.

Sheffield Student Numbers and the Demand for Student Accommodation

Sheffield Universities Use Social Media to Boost Student Numbers

Understanding the evolving way in which young people interact with technology, Sheffield Hallam university has employed new methods of attracting students by using social media apps such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter and Snapchat to fill the remaining places on courses according to Joe Field, social media manager at Sheffield Hallam. By adopting new methods to field suitable applicants, Sheffield Hallam can capture a new student audience who had not previously considered the university. Students that receive a place via Clearing do not always have the option to stay in university-owned halls as available rooms are limited and priority is given to students who chose that university as their first choice.

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University of Sheffield Ranked Amongst Top for Student Satisfaction

According to the National Student Survey, the University of Sheffield ranked 14th for Student Satisfaction. Over the past few years, student satisfaction has risen to 88%, which is 4% above the national average. Within the Russell Group, it ranks second for student satisfaction. The university ranks particularly well on course teaching and the amount of resources available to students. Along with ranking amongst the top for student satisfaction, the University of Sheffield also has a thriving student union. It has been awarded the Whatuni Student Choice Award for Best Students’ Union for the fourth year running. Having an effective student union is important to many new and current students. It enriches the whole experience by providing a supportive environment and societies to join and socialise in.

The Need for Student Accommodation in Sheffield

According to research by Knight Frank, even though Sheffield has recently seen an influx of new student property developments, rental growth has largely been positive overall. There can be a few reasons why rents are increasing despite new developments becoming available. Firstly, older developments often become outdated and instead of being refurbished, are repurposed into other commercial property types. Secondly, as student numbers grow, as does the demand for accommodation. This factor negates the fact that more accommodation is being built.

Nebula – Sheffield Student Property Investment Opportunity

Student property can often fetch higher yields than a buy-to-let, mainly because developments are in prime locations and students are more willing to pay a higher weekly rent. According to Knight Frank, students are willing to pay over £160 per week if it offers communal areas and good facilities such as en-suite bathrooms – both of which Nebula has. These attractive features will ensure that units in Nebula fetch healthy returns for investors. It’s also just a ten-minute walk from the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam making it a convenient choice for students.

If you are ready, start your property search today! Or find out how you can still make healthy returns in our Student Property Guide.

Top 5 Interesting Facts About Sheffield

Top 5 Interesting Facts About Sheffield

Sheffield has a famous steel making past but that is not all it is renowned for. Located in the English county of South Yorkshire, Sheffield is affectionately known as the “Steel City”. Since the 19th Century it has been renowned for its production of steel, as local clockmaker Benjamin Huntsmen and Thomas Boulsover invested a new method for producing crucible steel and a way to fuse silver onto copper. It is not only steel that Sheffield is famous for though, here are some surprising facts about Sheffield that perhaps you did not know.

5 Facts You Did Not Know About Sheffield

Sheffield is one of the largest cities in the UK, but it often flies under the radar. Apart from being famed for its steel production and having a football team in the Premier League, not much is known about Sheffield. But there is more to the "Steel City" than meets the eye. Here are some unusual facts about Sheffield that you might not have known...

1. Sheffield – Steel Making

As we have mentioned, Sheffield got its nickname as the “Steel City” through its production of steel. There has been evidence of steel making in Sheffield from 1692 and it has pioneered more effective ways to produce steel. Steel is more flexible than iron and much of it can be recycled. Demand for steel soared during the First World War, when it was needed to build ships and other military equipment.

Due to global competition, manufacturing steel was no longer profitable as importers could buy it more cheaply from other countries, so from the 1970s – 1980s the steel industry went into decline. Despite the industry now being defunct, you can find many odes to the past such as Kelham Island's new urban venue 'Steel Yard'. Sheffield United Football Club are often referred to as “The Blades” relating to Sheffield’s cutlery making past.

Steel city

2. Sheffield’s Music Scene

Manchester and Liverpool may have produced The Smiths and The Beatles, but Sheffield has also produced an array of well-known British bands over the years. From The Human League, ABC and Pulp, to more recently The Arctic Monkeys, Sheffield has produced some of the most iconic bands of recent times and is sometimes seen as the home of synthpop.


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3. Sheffield has the highest ratio of trees to people of anywhere in Europe

Perhaps surprisingly given its manufacturing past, Sheffield is a very green city. It is home to 2 million trees, which means that there are four trees to every resident in Sheffield. It also has 250 parks, woodland areas, and gardens. It is the 6th greenest city in the UK and a third of it lies within the Peak District National Park. Sheffield has transformed from having a smog-filled industrial skyline to being one of the greenest cities in the UK.

sheffield trees

4. The city runs on recycled energy

Along with being one of the greenest cities in the UK, Sheffield also runs on recycled energy. Sheffield is powered by a District Energy Network that provides heat to over 140 buildings. It uses the city’s waste and incinerates it, which in turn converts it to thermal energy that can then generate electricity.

recycled energy

5. The birthplace of football

Although this is sometimes disputed, Sheffield is acknowledged to be the birthplace of modern football. Sheffield F.C. was founded in 1857, making it the oldest club to play in association football. FA rules were also drafted in Sheffield to bring some uniformity to the game as it was played differently in various parts of the UK. Initially, games were just played internally, usually between married and unmarried players. Sheffield Hallam – also a Sheffield-based team - was formed in 1960.

football stadium

With such a rich history and culture, it is no surprise that people are flocking to work and study in Sheffield. Sheffield has an enormous student population, around 60,000 call the “Steel City” their home. It is home to the University of Sheffield which is ranked within the top twenty in the UK, and Sheffield Hallam University which is the 11th largest in the UK and ranked University of the Year for Teaching Quality by The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2020. Teaching quality and environment is not all that attracts students to Sheffield. It is also one of the most affordable university cities, and the 6th most affordable city for graduates according to, meaning many of them stay in the city or move there after they finish their studies.

Many Londoners are looking to escape, and Sheffield is one of the main places they flock to. According to the Office for National Statistics, Sheffield experienced an 12% rise in people moving there from the capital – the highest of any northern city. As we previously mentioned, the affordability of the city may be a factor which attracts people to Sheffield. The ratio between house prices and income is 5.8, compared to 12.9 in London, making it easier for those in employment to get on the housing latter.

These factors make Sheffield an ideal place to consider student property or buy to let investments. Its affordable housing and the recent influx of young professionals means there is an increased appetite for residential property, and its quality educational facilities and large student population means there is a sustained demand for purpose-built student accommodation.

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If these factors have enticed you to invest in Sheffield, why not first conduct more research on the fundamentals of the student UK property market or if you prefer to move forward with a buy to let investment, familiarise yourself with our buy to let investment guide.

Best places to live in Sheffield

Best Places to Live in Sheffield

Sheffield has grown in popularity as a place to live in recent years. Inward investment has created job opportunities, and its low income to house price ratio means it is easier for people to get on the property ladder. Of course, choosing where to live in any city is a major decision.

Sheffield has many different neighbourhoods and reading about them all can get overwhelming. Choosing an area really depends on your needs and requirements. If you are looking to study in Sheffield, you will probably gravitate towards neighbourhoods close to your university. If you have a family, you may want somewhere away from busy roads but with good schools nearby.

Here, we have highlighted a few neighbourhoods we think offer the best living experiences whether you are studying in Sheffield or relocating for work. We chose them due to their affordability, entertainment offerings and proximity to required amenities, depending on whether you are a student or a city worker. We think these are also some of the best buy to let areas in Sheffield, click the green arrow to find out more...

Where should you consider property in Sheffield?

More and more people are considering a move to Sheffield, both to work and study. But where are some of the top places to live in the city?

Why are people moving to Sheffield?

Sheffield has become one of the top northern cities Londoners are relocating to, and it has a large student population due to having two renowned universities (the University of Sheffield is ranked 14th in the UK). It is much more affordable than cities in the south and the ratio between house prices and income being 5.8, vs 12.9 in London.

In recent years, the city has seen investment to attract companies such as Boeing and McLaren, which seems to have paid off. In 2018, Sheffield had a 12% increase in people moving to the city from London and the South Yorkshire area recorded the strongest jobs growth in the decade since the financial crisis.

Creative and digital industries seem to be performing particularly well, as the sectors grew faster in Sheffield than anywhere else in the UK. As well as having excellent employment and housing options, Sheffield’s right next to the Peak District and is also one of the greenest cities in the UK, making it ideal for those who are after a bit of tranquility amongst nature.

If you are looking to relocate to Sheffield, you probably want to know where some of the best places to live in the city are. According to, Sheffield is the UK’s fifth largest city by population and it offers a number of different neighbourhoods, all with their own unique appeal.

Where to live in Sheffield also depends on whether you are a student or a working professional. Whilst students would usually choose accommodation close to their university, professionals would gravitate towards houses near their workplace. It also comes down to personal preference, you may opt for a house in a leafy suburb and detest the noise associated with city centre living.

Where are the best places to live as a student in Sheffield?

Here is our list of the best student areas in Sheffield.

Eccleshall Road

Affectionately known to locals as “Eccy Road”, Eccleshall Road is popular with students from both the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam. Its location means it is slightly more convenient for those studying at Sheffield Hallam. Eccleshall Road is a four-mile stretch of road lined with independent cafes, bars, and boutiques. It is very popular with students and many find themselves living in the area amongst their classmates and friends.


Ranmoor is popular with first-year University of Sheffield students looking to make friends, as it is the location of a student village. It boasts a fantastic student community, and many find themselves staying in the area beyond their first year. For second and third year students, there is a good choice of private flats available outside of the village.

Ranmoor is a green, leafy suburb so it is popular with those wanting quieter accommodation. It is also just a short bus journey from the Peak District, making it ideal for those who enjoy the great outdoors.


Close to the University of Sheffield is the suburb of Crookes. It is situated on a hill giving residents views over the rest of the city. Due to its proximity to the University of Sheffield and vast array of cafes, book shops and organic eateries, a lot of students choose to live in the area.

Crookes is a little livelier than surrounding neighbourhoods due to its student population and entertainment options. The band “The Crookes” hail from the area and are University of Sheffield alumni.

Crookes boasts tree lined streets and quaint terraced student housing. It is slightly further out so it is often a bit cheaper for students. Although it is not in central Sheffield, it does have excellent transport links to the city centre, and the University of Sheffield campus is within walking distance. This makes the suburb popular with those wanting to save money on rent but who also want a quick commute to classes.

Where are the best places to buy to let in Sheffield?

Here is where we think the best places to buy to let in Sheffield are, as they are now some of the best areas to live. Due to increased demand, rental and property prices have increased.

St Paul’s – S1

St Pauls Sheffield

St Paul’s is one of Sheffield’s central districts, suitable for residents who want lively surroundings and prefer to access the workplace and leisure spaces on foot.

Over recent years it has been regenerated and now offers luxury living spaces, cafes, and restaurants. It is also close to the city’s largest market – the Moor Market.

Despite its central location and recent rejuvenation, property prices in the St. Paul’s area are still affordable, with an average of £166,250. This is 8% up on 2017 figures, according to Rightmove, and its positive fundamentals mean that there is still allowances for more capital growth.

Its central location and proximity to Sheffield’s university campuses means it is also a popular area with students.


Walkley is in the north west of Sheffield, bordered by Burngreave, Hillsborough and Crookes. Walkley is a typically residential neighbourhood with village feel. Walkley has seen a recent influx of young professionals due to its affordable property prices, but still has that sense of a close-knit community as many families have lived there for generations.

Property in Walkley mainly consists of charming Victorian terraces. The area went through decline with shops closing, however with young professionals and families moving to the area, it has seen a resurgence in recent years and independent shops and cafes have opened their doors. Lower Walkley is close to Hillsborough for shopping, and Walkley is a little livelier and closer to the city centre. The River Rivelin runs alongside Walkley, so residents can enjoy picturesque riverside walks in good weather.

Average property prices in Walkley stand at £178,674, which is a 9% increase on 2017 figures.

Kelham Island

Kelham Island

In 2018, Kelham Island was named as the UK’s best neighbourhoods at the Urbanism Awards, beating Hackney Wick in London and Ancoats in Manchester. It is not hard to see why.

Formerly an industrial site, it is now one of Sheffield’s most exciting and up-and-coming neighbourhoods. Before regeneration work started in the area, it was difficult to believe it could have been transformed into the place it is today. Factory buildings stood empty and unloved, and it was hugely run down. Old factories and warehouses that had fallen into disrepair have been repurposed into flats and working spaces, and the area now boasts craft breweries and pizzerias in abundance. Streets are a mix of old buildings and new, and many are decorated with colourful street art.

It is also a short walk from the city centre, so it is convenient for those working in Sheffield or who want to explore further afield during their leisure time.

For now, the cost of property in Kelham Island is affordable. According to Zoopla, the average property price in Kelham Island in October 2020 was £147,119. We think Kelham Island is a good choice with creative types or young professionals seeking a lively yet affordable place to live close to the city centre. Its location, food and drink options, regeneration and recent accolades lead us to believe more will recognise its appeal and prices will not remain modest for long.

Sheffield is a large city with many neighbourhoods, each offering something different. If you want to live somewhere peaceful with views over the city and beyond, Walkley could be an option to consider. If you want somewhere a bit more industrial and vibrant, Kelham Island could be for you.

Sheffield should also be a city to consider if you are purchasing property with the intention of renting it out. The influx of young professionals and affordable property means good rental yields can be achieved. In fact, in 2019 research by TotallyMoney ranked the Sheffield S1 postcode within the top ten in the UK for rental returns with an achievable yield of 7.83%.

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*If you are deciding to study in, or buy property in Sheffield, we hope that you found our suggestions on the best places to live in Sheffield valuable. If you’d like to discover more about Sheffield as a city, why not read our top 5 interesting facts about Sheffield? Alternatively, if you want to learn more about Sheffield’s student population, why not read about the need for student accommodation in Sheffield. *

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