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Property Investment Tips

Property Investment Tips

Top Property Investment Tips

If you are wondering how to invest in property, here are some things to consider.

  1. Be open to ideas
  2. Deciding what is most important to you
  3. How much time you have
  4. Understanding the Risks
  5. Choosing the type of property to invest in
  6. Your exit plan
  7. Talk to property investment experts

Be open to ideas

As a property investment consultancy we aim to help people discover more about property investing. It may feel quite daunting at first: not know exactly what you are looking for. That’s fine, everyone has to start somewhere. Through conversation potential investors, like you, gather information from property experts. The best approach is to be open to new ideas. There are a variety of ways to invest in property. It starts with a conversation!

Deciding what is most important to you

Everyone has different goals. Some people want to start building a buy-to-let property portfolio as fast as they can. One of the quickest wasy to grow your portflio is to take on bank finance (which some poeple call leverage) that way you can make limited funds stretch as far as possible. These types investors will be focused on capital growth or enhancing the value through property refurbishment.

Others may be wondering what high yield property investments across the UK that provide them with a steady income and the best rental returns.

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How much time you have

Ultimately, the path and chosen course of action depends on the amount of time that you have available. If one has the time and inclination to fully manage their property portfolio, more profits can be retained. Instead of paying a developer market prices, investors could try source below market value properties in the local area and manage it.

If you a complete newbie to property, you would probably would have to go on number of property training courses to improve your knowledge before trying to do everything on your own.

Even with the best training, people will make mistakes. We all do.

Where One Touch Investment fits is the property market is by providing property investment opportunities from well-researched property sectors which display good capital growth prospects and solid rental returns. We are not financial advisors; we provide you with free investment property due diligence checklist and guides so that you can make better investment choices.

Understanding the Risks

Every investment has a risk and associated reward. It is a balancing act; often the higher the potential return, the higher the risk that is accompanied to it. The final choice depends on what you are comfortable with.

Download our guide to learn more about property investment

Choosing the type of property to invest in

It is clear that a tenanted property with a proven income has less risk than an off-plan development. It is about how the risks are mitigated or if you are prepared to accept the risk for a higher return.

One touch provides an introduction of the types of properties to invest in. The summary of the pros and cons of each property sector are a starting point for your property journey. More detailed tips can be found in our property investment guides and videos to help you decide upon the specific property sector which is most appealing.

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Your exit plan

Some people call it an exit strategy. Before you start investing in UK property, you have to remember that property is a fairly illiquid asset. In simple terms, that means that property cannot be sold quickly. Most property experts recommend keeping property as a medium term investment and holding it a minimum of five years.

One has to be mindful that house prices can go up and down. If the rental demand in a certain area or sector changes, the reduced demand could mean that the rental returns could be lower than what one paid for the property. If one has to sell quickly - when the economy is unstable you may also achieve a lower sales price. It is always worth having a bit of extra saving so that you don’t need to sell in a rush.

Talk to property investment experts

One Touch Investment has been trading for more than 11 years. We have track record across below market value, property sourcing, student accommodation investment and care homes. Our consultants own their own buy-to-let properties and are experienced investors.

For sure, we have made mistakes, like everyone. We will share our experiences to help you make better property investment choices. The property opportunities that we are offering on our website represent the selection of what we consider are the most solid property sectors at the moment.

Next, read our UK property hotspots list to discover where we think you should invest for high yields and capital growth.

When you speak with our expert team you will find that we have a consultative approach based around your desired investment and lifestyle goals.

We do not offer property training courses. There are a lot of people making substantial amounts positioning themselves as property mentors. Why spend £20,000 on training courses when you could learn while investing? Start your property search or get in have a free consultation with one of our investment experts to help you formulate a plan.

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