Luton Town Centre Buy to Let | Property for Sale in Luton
FROM £155,995
  • New


  • 6% rental yield
  • 999 year leasehold
  • 10% deposit required
  • Assured rental yield for 12 months
  • 18 Parking Spaces Available at Addition Cost



We scour the UK’s property market and identify areas where there is a high demand for rental properties but a lack of supply.


We pinpoint areas that are experiencing significant regeneration, ensuring that there is the potential for capital uplift and excellent rental yields.


A specialist advisor will be appointed to manage your unit to ensure that you receive “hands-free” returns.



LU1 is a new completed buy to let investment opportunity in Luton town centre.

Luton LU1 is a completed buy-to-let investment opportunity consisting of 66 studios, one-and-two-bedroom apartments starting from £155,995. Just a 10% deposit is needed and there is a rental yield of 6% guaranteed for 12 months. The apartments are suitable for people working in the centre of Luton as the development is located on the fringe of the city centre. Being just a ten-minute walk from the station, Luton LU1 is also ideal for those working in London as they can get into the city in as little as 40 minutes.

LU1-Luton town centre buy to let: investment fundamentals

  • Prices from: £155,995
  • A Complex of Studios, One Bedroom and Two Bedroom Apartments
  • Deposit: 10%
  • Rental Yield: 6%
  • Leasehold Length: 999 Years
  • Assured Rental Yield for 12 Months
  • Located in the Heart of Luton in the LU1 postcode
  • 18 Parking Spaces Available at Addition Cost

Why invest in Luton buy to let?

Luton has an overall average house price of £261,124 making it one of the most affordable commuter towns for London, the affordability has increased its appeal as house prices have increased by 13% since 2016. Comparing that to London where the average is £727,767 and prices have only increased by 5% since 2016 and you can understand why people are choosing to invest in Luton where prices are lower but rising at a more rapid pace.

Luton’s population is also increasing at a faster rate than they are building houses in the town; with approximately 430 houses being built a year yet needs 1417 houses to be built to meet demand. This means that there will be increased pressure on existing housing which will have a positive effect on rental yields.

Contact us today to learn more about this Luton buy to let opportunity or other buy to let opportunities across the UK.

Luton Town Centre Buy to Let | Property for Sale in Luton
  • Assured rental yield for 12 months
  • 999 year leasehold
  • 18 Parking Spaces Available at Addition Cost
  • 6% rental yield
  • 10% deposit required
Luton Town Centre Buy to Let | Property for Sale in Luton

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