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Moseley Gardens – Birmingham Digbeth Property Investment
FROM £185,000
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  • Completion Q2 2020
  • 5.8% estimated yield
  • City centre location in trendy neighbourhood
  • Birmingham rated as the UK’s most attractive regional city



We scour the UK’s property market and identify areas where there is a high demand for rental properties but a lack of supply.


We pinpoint areas that are experiencing significant regeneration, ensuring that there is the potential for capital uplift and excellent rental yields.


A specialist advisor will be appointed to manage your unit to ensure that you receive “hands-free” returns.



Moseley Gardens is a new development, comprising 67 one and two-bedroom apartments.

Moseley Gardens is located in Birmingham’s Digbeth, which has a countrywide reputation for its vivid art scene. It is seen as Birmingham’s alternative to London’s Shoreditch. Below is an example of the street art you can find in Digbeth, like what can be found in Shoreditch.

Digbeth was recently crowned the “coolest place to live” in the UK. Its abundance of warehouse conversions and young crowd gives the area a vibrant, up-and-coming feel. It is also home to The Custard Factory; once home to Bird’s Custard it is now an independent shopping destination and creative workspace that hosts small to medium sized businesses and some larger ones such as Digbeth is largely seem as Birmingham’s version of Shoreditch, with its creative vibe and hip crowd. It also boasts a range of craft breweries such as Dig Brew and Kilder, catering to all tastes and interests.

Digbeth is close to the city centre, making it an ideal retreat for those working in the city and wanting an easy commute to their office. It also means it is convenient for those looking to explore other parts of the city in their leisure time.

Moseley Gardens Investment Fundamentals

  • Modern development comprising 67 one and two-bedroom apartments
  • Completion Q2 2020
  • City centre location in trendy neighbourhood
  • One-bedroom apartments starting from £185,000
  • 5.8% estimated yield
  • Birmingham rated as the UK’s most attractive regional city

Why invest in Birmingham

Birmingham has repeatedly been found to have the best quality of life outside of London according to the Mercer Quality of Living Report.

Birmingham is affectionately known as Britain’s second city, having one of the largest populations outside of London. Birmingham has the one of the largest legal and financial services centres outside of London, with a GVA of £226 billion. It also enjoys a strategically advantageous position in the country, as 90% of the population can reach Birmingham in under four hours.

It is predicted that with the construction of HS2, more people will move to Birmingham and commute to London. HS2 journey times between Birmingham and London will take 49 minutes – the typical London journey to work is 45 minutes. Can you imagine what impact that will have on Birmingham house prices?

Smart money is already investing there; in 2016 LaSalle Investment Management invested £100m into 603 apartments built for the private rented sector. Surely, it’s time to consider adding Birmingham property to your portfolio.

Job creation

In the past, Birmingham has beaten other cities to the top of the table in terms of economic growth, as its GVA increased by 4.2% between 2012 and 2013. A lot of companies are investing in Birmingham and this is evident with HSBC’s chosen city for their new headquarters was Birmingham. Which created 1000 jobs and Deutsche Bank increased the number of people their employ in Birmingham from 50 to 2,000.

Knight Frank recently named Birmingham as the UK’s number one business hotspot and with the creation of new jobs, young talent has followed. In 2015, 6061 people moved from London to Birmingham, which is more than to any other city.

As above, young talent has followed job creation. This has meant that Birmingham has a significant young population with under 25s making up almost 40% of the city’s inhabitants. Its young population lends itself well to the rental market, as they often don’t have the capital to buy a property and enjoy the freedom of renting before they decide where to lay down roots. The demographic can also contribute to capital uplift, as once they have saved up the money for a deposit, they will be a captive audience to purchase existing properties in the future.

Moseley Gardens – Birmingham Digbeth Property Investment
  • 5.8% estimated yield
  • Birmingham rated as the UK’s most attractive regional city
  • City centre location in trendy neighbourhood
  • Completion Q2 2020
Moseley Gardens – Birmingham Digbeth Property Investment

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